Bully Incident

Everyday I would walk to school and I hated that walk. I knew as soon as I turned the corner they'd be there waiting for me. They would laugh at the clothes I wore, my backpack, or my shoes. When it got really bad they would push me around and all I could do is close my eyes and wait for them to be finished. Lunch was the worst. They'd take my lunch and I'd be left with nothing to eat. It was a horrible feeling because I didn't wanna be a snitch, but if I didn't snitch I was scared it would get worse. Well one day I spoke to my homeroom teacher and told him what was going on. He told me to trust him and that my secret was safe with him. He didn't speak with them directly, but he told their folks and immediately things changed. I received an apology from each student and I was no longer afraid to walk to school.