Gun Shot Survivor

It was Halloween night and my cousin had drove a couple hours to come see me and go out for Halloween. I wasn’t feeling too good, so deep down I didn’t really want to go. But since she traveled down here I made myself go. We decided to go to a private mansion party in Hollywood hills. So in order to get there you have to go to this adress to get picked up by a shuttle bus that takes you to the party. We were walking to the pickup spot along with other strangers who were also on their way to the party, and suddenly two random guys started fighting. I continued walking minding my business but then one shot a gun and it had hit me in my lower spine so I instantly fell to the floor. I remember I was alone for a bit, I was screaming for my cousins name and that I couldn’t feel my legs. My cousin had came back not realizing I was the one who got hit. As I lay there bleeding out, she was freaking out. I remained calm for her and eventually she calmed down, I was telling her my last words to tell my family bc at the time I didn’t have my phone on me. I had lost it days before, but then a miracle had happened. A guy who was studying to be an EMT showed up and had bandages in his car. He patched up my wound and saved my life. The ambulance didn’t come until 35 minutes later bc Hollywood hills roads are very narrow and long. If it wasn’t for that random guy who helped patch me up I wouldn’t be here. Still don’t know who he is so I thank him for my life I’m not paralyzed &thankfully can walk okay. Some nerve damage was caused to where I am numb behind my whole back right leg and can’t push my ankle down all the way.