Racist Incident

It was a regular day at work. My staff had performed exceptionally well on a project and my manager and I thought it would be a good idea to get them lunch and we pay for it. I wanted her to drive as she drove a jeep, she wanted me to drive for whatever reason. She convinced me to drive and as we were walking towards my vehicle she says to me "is this your car"?. I replied with “yes it is”. I opened the passenger door and let her in as I was brought up with manners. As I hop in the drivers seat and push the start button, she immediately says "lets go, drive it like you stole it". I was silent for the duration of the lunch as I was shocked and saddened by what she said. I returned from lunch, lodged a complaint with HR and on my doctors orders went on Short term disability. After months of counselling and asking myself why me, I decided not to continue my employment at that company.